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Telephone Follow Up

All users who have installed and applied various products of our company will be followed up by after sales technical staff or customer service staff on the field/by phone. In order to promptly find and investigate the hidden trouble in the equipment operation, and make a plan of the subsequent product upgradation based on the user's demand.

24 Hours’ Services

UCN after-sales service team set up a (7*24 hours) telephone service hotline to answer the user's questions at any time. If field service is required, UCN undertakes that the service personnel will arrive at the maintenance site within 4 hours in the same city and 12 hours in different places, and solve the product failure problems for the customers within 2 hours.

User Training

UCN undertakes that we will assign professional product trainers for product use training of users within ten days after installation and provide users with a lifetime of free training consulting services.

Contact Us
  • 4006-192-129

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